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Stay Kind is a movement that promotes and encourages more kindness in everyday life

Our vision is to make Australia a kinder country.

The Governor-General of Australia

The Prime Minister of Australia

We are on a mission to reduce violence, bullying, hazing and suicide among young Australians and the wider community by actively promoting harm prevention.

Kindness is not just a nice idea or a conversation, it’s something you do. Kindness is an action that makes the world a better place for everyone; the person being kind, and the person receiving the act of kindness. Because every time you do a simple act of kindness for someone, your own well-being and happiness increases. Fact.

Kindness in our nature. It’s how we’re wired, it’s who we are, and it’s what we do. “STAY KIND” is a call-to-action for that kindness to be ever-present in our everyday actions and lives.

Stay Kind is a movement that advocates for and actively promotes acts of kindness