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Story February 9, 2021

Response to easing of Kings Cross restrictions

We support Sydney continuing to evolve in a safe manner and we support the Government’s 24-Hour Economy Strategy.  In fact, since inception in December 2014, our Take Kare Safe Space ...

Story November 12, 2020

For World Kindness Day Greg Page launches song “It’s not hard to Stay Kind”

Greg Page, (the original Yellow Wiggle) Stay Kind Ambassador, believes kindness starts with ourselves and is important for a healthy mind and personal wellbeing.  Do something kind and watch how ...

Story November 9, 2020

University of New South Wales releases Take Kare Safe Space evaluation

The UNSW evaluation determined that the benefits of the TKSS program are estimated at $7.46 million and operating costs at $2.79 million with a benefit-cost ratio of 2.67, suggesting that ...