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Show your support and join us at Bankwest Stadium on June 15th 2019 when the Parramatta Eels v. Brisbane Broncos for the Stay Kind cup.

Each year each of the NRL teams who have played for the Stay Kind Cup have played in special Stay Kind jerseys. The cup is an opportunity to share an important community message and initiative nationally via media in the lead-up to the game and while the game is televised.

These jerseys have featured the Stay Kind logo front and centre.  Some sponsors have elected to remove their main front logo for the Stay Kind logo.  The feedback from sponsors was that they received more media coverage in removing their logo than when it’s on the jersey.  Some sponsors have opted for shared space on the front of the jersey.

The jerseys have been previously provided to the Foundation to auction off. In the lead up to the game and at the game the Foundation includes the story about the jerseys in its media and why sponsors are supporting the day and the movement.  Both NRL clubs have traditionally activated the campaign and the message through their own various platforms.