Join our movement

Stay Kind is a movement that advocates for and actively promotes acts of kindness. There are different ways you can get involved whether it is at home, work or online.

Pledge kindness

A pledge inspires you and others. Change a life by turning your pledge into an action.

Get involved

Be part of the Stay Kind movement, whether it is at home, work, school or online.


Become a Take Kare Safe Space Ambassador. Help young people and also visitors to Sydney find a safe passage home.

Kindness Champions

Anyone at any age can be a Kindness Champion, all you need is a desire to spread kindness.


Your donation will help us achieve our vision to make Australia kinder. You will be redirected to our Good Company’s profile.

Kind July Events

We have different events you can get participate during Kind July 2021.

Corporate partnerships

Corporate partners help support our kindness movement.