Get involved

Be part of the Stay Kind movement, whether it is at home, work, school or online.

At home

Be the change. How can we show kindness to ourselves and to each other at home and in our our communities. It can be as simple as holding a door open, offering a seat, saying thank you. Showing appreciation with a note. Making time to check in on your neighbour or someone vulnerable in your community. Was someone kind to you? How were you kind today. Let’s talk about kindness every day. Use our Acts of Kindness ideas to help you get started.

At work

Any workplace can join the Stay Kind movement. Join us this Kind July and help us make Australia kinder. Contact us to discuss how you can become a Stay Kind partner and embed Stay Kind values into the workplace. Why not start a workplace community fundraiser and promote Acts of Kindness every day?

At school

How can you stay kinder at school? Why not start a school fundraiser and promote Acts of Kindness that start with a day. Schools can contact us to discuss how to become a Stay Kind partner and embed Stay Kind values in your school.

In sport

Are you a sporting team, code or referee association that would like to promote kindness. Would your team/code like to have the Stay Kind logo or your team sports jersey? Contact us to find out if we can arrange this for your team. You could also arrange for a Stay Kind match/day for your sports team. Other Stay Kind merchandise is also available on our website.

On our streets

Stay Kind operates a Take Kare Safe Space program on the streets of Sydney every Friday and Saturday night. This initiative is supported by a pool of generous volunteers who give up weekends to help bring our young people home safely. Take Kare Ambassadors also provide a welcoming environment to visitors of the city and have a direct impact on the safety of the night-time amenity. Why not join us as a volunteer? We also invite corporate partners to become part of this initiative. Is there a kindness initiative that you can activate in your own communities?

There are many opportunities for kindness in each of our communities.


It is easy to forget how what we say can deeply impact a person. When you are not face to face it’s also easy to misunderstand someone online or to allow negative emotions to take over.

Stay Kind online – a good rule of thumb is to say only what you would say respectfully in person. If you operate online community or school forums you can include kindness as one of your rules of online conduct with clear consequences. Bring the value kindness to the forefront of your online community and become part of the Stay Kind movement.

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Become a Take Kare Safe Space Ambassador. Help young people and also visitors to Sydney find a safe passage home.

Meet our partners who make our mission possible.