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An unkind world caused Thomas Kelly and Stuart Kelly to lose their lives at 18 years of age, 4 years apart, in July. If the world was kinder, Thomas and Stuart would still be here. While “Kind July” continues as a legacy to these two young men who needlessly lost their lives, we also know that practising simple spontaneous or planned acts of kindness can change and possibly save a life.

We encourage all Australians to “do something kind” each day in July. Why stop after July? Studies have confirmed that brief simple acts of kindness benefit both the giver and receiver. Kindness does not have to be profound to make a difference to someone’s life. A simple daily act for a month has enormous flow-on benefits and also provides an opportunity for kindness to move to the front of our mindset year-round.

Well documented research also provides evidence of significant improvements in physical and emotional well-being of all who are part of the kindness transaction which is why kindness is the true currency of humanity. Bullying has been linked in multiple studies to an increased risk of self-harm and suicide.  Whilst bullying can occur through-out our lives, our adolescents are the most vulnerable to this harmful behaviour. The benefits of kindness clearly translate into harm reduction and mitigate the impact of bullying, violence, self-harm and suicide.

Social and behavioural change takes time, however with a concerted and united effort it can be achieved.

You can be a part of Kind July and the Stay Kind movement too, and together, what a great country we can be.

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