Stay Kind x KPMG 2021

This is an internal event for KPMG.

Kindness during COVID

Ralph Kelly

Ralph is the father of Thomas and Stuart Kelly. Having lost Thomas to an act of violence outside of a Sydney nightclub. Ralph started a foundation with the mission of helping young Australian’s get home safely from a night out. 7 years later, tragedy struck again when Stuart took his own life. Following the event, Ralph rebranded the foundation to ‘Stay Kind’, and repositioned the organisation to be a movement that promotes acts of kindness to reduce major society issues such as violence, bullying and suicide.

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Kindness during times of crisis

Prof. Paul Preisz

Paul Priez is currently the acting director of the Emergency Department at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. Having worked in emergency departments around the world, he has made a commitment to improving emergency care for patients with issues related to mental health, drugs and alcohol, homelessness and social disadvantage. Most recently he has played a key role in the launch of the COVID19 vaccine in Sydney.

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The importance of kindness in social media

Anthony Seibold & Doug Ferguson

Anthony Seibold is a professional rugby league coach who was named Dally M coach of the year in 2018.

In 2020, Anthony was the victim of a smear campaign on social media which has resulted in an ongoing police investigation.

Doug will interview Anthony on the importance of Kindness in Social Media interactions. The interview will be conducted under Chatham House Rules.

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Kindness and equality

Elizabeth Broderick

As Australia’s longest serving Sex Discrimination Commissioner (2007-2015), Elizabeth worked to break down structural and social barriers faced by women and men, and to promote gender equality. She is a globally acknowledged leader, social innovator and advocate.

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