Kindness Champions

Anyone at any age can be a Kindness Champion, all you need is a desire to spread kindness.

Do you know someone in the community who is committed to making positive change and spreading kindness then we would love to hear from you. Read below on how to become one and inspire Australia.

Stay Kind is committed to working with our Kindness Champions to ensure that their activities are successful.

Meet some of our Kindness Champions

Community Kindness Champion

Michelle is passionate about her local Newcastle community becoming a “Stay Kind” community and city.

Youth Kindness Champion

Samantha & Brian are from Toowoomba and at these tender young ages have been promoting kindness for a number of years.

Become a Champion

Read more below on how you can be part of the movement.


Become a Community Kindness Champion and share kindness to inspire kindness.

It’s simple to do something kind. By injecting your kindness values into the community, you will be both creating impact and inspiring people from around the world.

Stay Kind will support you and work with you to achieve your goals.

School projects


Become a Young Kindness Champion and share kindness where you think you can make a difference.

Young people understand young people and you can help our youth to stay connected and Stay Kind.

Stay Kind will support you and work with you to achieve your goals.


Become a Workplace Kindness Champion to inspire happiness, health and wellbeing in the workplace.  

Share Kind July or look at options for introducing year round kindness initiatives.

Stay Kind can support you in identifying strategies that might benefit your team.

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Become a Take Kare Safe Space Ambassador. Help young people & visitors to Sydney get home safely.

Stay Kind actively advocates, educates and promotes acts of kindness.

Be part of the Stay Kind movement, whether it is at home, work, school or online.