Pledge kindness

One pledge of one act of kindness by each of us would be 25 million acts of kindness in Australia.

    Our Kindness Wall

    I pledge to treat myself and others with loving kindness during July.
    I pledge to myself, on this day. To try to be kind, in every way. To every person, big and small, I will help them if they fall.
    I pledge to be kind to myself and others every single day in July.
    The Roberts family pledge to do something kind everyday in July. We are on board!
    Donate to one in need
    2R pledges to be nice to others by using kind words and spreading happiness. We will help others who are hurt, lonely or have made a mess
    Perform at least one random act of kindness everyday and pay it forward!
    I will take a small, homemade gift to a neighbour who has just moved into the street, welcoming them to the neighbourhood.
    Be kind by keeping our school environment clean and safe. We will say 'Hello!' and give compliments to teachers, friends and family
    Spread a smile
    I pledge to be more present in my interactions and to uplift others
    let people in while driving buy someone a coffee ask if someone is ok acknowledge somebody's physical and health achievement
    I will complete random acts of kindness and greet/compliment people every day in July
    I pledge to pay it forward, and to volunteer my time to provide support to those in need.
    I will complete random acts of kindness, eg. compliment someone, offer a helping hand, smile at passer bys, and show gratitude.
    I will send a message to reconnect with an old friend via facebook each day of the month.
    I aspire to, in the month of July, show an act of kindness everyday, not only to family and friends but to others
    Tell my work collegues how much they are appreciated on a daily basis.
    I pledge to have present and meaningful conversations with friends, family, coworkers, and community members
    I pledge to encourage & support those people trying to engage in social settings with positive attitude and enthusiasm
    I pledge to acknowledge homeless people and not ignore them when I walk by.
    I pledge to smile at someone I don't know each day.
    I will cook a batch of soup a week for my team mates to eat for lunch. Anything that is not eaten I will donate to a local food charity
    promote this initiative in my school
    I pledge to do at least one random act of kindness every day in July - in the hope that it becomes so natural, that I do it every day
    Every day in July I will make someone's day better with a smile, a compliment, helping them and making them feel valued.
    I pledge to act respectfully and keep an open mind to be empathetic and compassionate towards those I encounter and pay it forward
    I will commit to throughout July is to be more mindful of my assumptions of others, to compliment and affirm those around me
    I pledge to be more aware of self, and my interactions with the word this July. I will endeavour to do acts of kindness on others any chance
    I pledge to be aware of my surroundings and take opportunities to make someones day better.
    I pledge to be aware of my surroundings and take opportunities to make someones day better.
    I pledge to be more conscious of my actions during July and demonstrate kindness on a daily basis
    I consciously pledge to perform an act of kindness every day in July
    I pledge to remind myself when interacting with others, that kindness, like navy blue blazers, never goes out of style
    We will be offering Local Melbourne businesses free Workplace wellness programs to give back to the community.
    In July we as a business will be offering free workplace wellness programs to city of Melbourne business. To help give back to the community
    I aim to be kind to everyone ...
    I pledge to be more aware of my surroundings and offer support to those I know, and those I don't, who may need it.
    I pledge to perform an act of kindness each day and be nonjudgmental
    Respect others for their uniqueness
    To make more of a conscious decision to be kind to those who I might take for granted everyday. My family and friends..
    I pledge to do one small act of kindness each day, and as a business owner I will pledge to give one person free training in July