Pledge kindness

One pledge of one act of kindness by each of us would be 25 million acts of kindness in Australia.

    Our Kindness Wall

    My pledge is to pay a compliment to my work colleagues and anyone who enters my place of work on a daily basis
    My second pledge is to pay a compliment to my work colleagues and anyone who enters my place of work on a daily basis
    To smile at strangers and compliment someone each day. You never know what someone is going through
    I'm going to plant 4 trees to honour the memory of 4 close friends who lost their lives early to suicide & accidental overdose.
    I pledge to show gratitude to at least one person every day of July
    Appreciate and Be Kind. To be more aware of my surroundings and those in need and offer a hand.
    I pledge a daily act of kindness in July for people I know and those I don't.
    To forgive and forget
    Assist the elderly in my community
    Take away the burden from someone if they are feeling overwhelmed, lend a helping hand with kind words.
    I pledge 1 act of kindness per day in July. I will also encourage my kids to participate by spreading kindness at school.
    I commit to connecting with people outside of my comfort zone. It's not hard to say hello or to say something nice to someone you don't know
    I will bring my family along on this journey to speak of kindness by asking what acts of kindness we witnessed or participated in each day.
    Be mindful of those around me and treat them with courtesy, respect and kindness
    To grant everyone who crosses my path with nothing but compassion and kindness. I also hope to volunteer in the Stay Kind Foundation
    Be more conscious of performing acts of kindness outside of my work and family environments, and spread kindness to the same people
    Find forgiveness to the people (family) who have judged me unfairly. To have kind thoughts toward them instead of being angry
    To think before I speak
    Take the time out of your day to make someone else day. It's a simply smile, paying it forward, whatever it is. Just be kind!
    I will say hi to a stranger and pay it forward with a warm drink or meal for the homeless, I will listen to people without judgement
    I pledge to act with kindness by always being grateful, to smile as I pass people in my travels, and offer compliments to others
    I will try to do at least one random act of kindness every day. I will try to be more aware of the 'unseen' needs of those around me
    Aim to carry out a random act of kindness each day - endeavour to make our world a kinder and more caring world
    I have a coffee van and I make sure they leave with coffee and happier than when they arrived. I offer many hugs and words of encouragement!
    To seek those of difference and try and make their day brighter and show acceptance in remembrance of my son who recently took his life .
    To use Kind words and gentle hands when we interact with others.
    Kindness costs nothing. It could be the one action that could make a real difference in someone elses life.
    Smile, speak and engage with people who seem lonely when I'm out in the community.
    I commit to smile and speak gently to all, including those with whom I disagree
    I'm in. Lets all get onboard..
    Smile more at strangers and take the time to listen and check in with people
    I will be more tolerant of my partner, and not talk loudly or get angry when I dont agree with her or if she is wanting me to do something
    In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
    volunteer and cook for the less fortunate
    Focus on family and making sure to ask everyone how they are going and to be more encouraging to others
    Be more conscious of my words, give out as many compliments as I can and make an effort to catch up with friends
    Every day I will aim to make someone smile either by giving them a compliment, buying them a coffee or even just asking them if they are ok
    Instead of wondering 'does that person need help', I'm going to jump right in and offer help.
    make sure I do at least one act of kindness each day, it may be a smile, a compliment, buying a coffee or asking someone if they are ok
    Carry it forward.
    I pledge to carry out unplanned and spontaneous acts of kindness when I see someone in need.
    Will listen to others and practice act of kindness ...