Pledge kindness

One pledge of one act of kindness by each of us would be 25 million acts of kindness in Australia.

    Our Kindness Wall

    I will be kind to others by using positive and uplifting behaviour. I will be a listening ear.
    In July I will continue to be kind by helping people in little ways by listening but being honest and saying a simple hello to our friends
    In my job I meet people from all walks of life and of all vulnerabilities. I pledge to be kind to strangers and coworkers
    Always remember that everyone has something tough going on - I pledge to not judge just be there . In the moment - in any small way that can
    listen before speaking and look for people who need a kind word
    I will wont judge. I will make sure I am conscious that everyone is fighting a battle that I dont know
    Be kinder towards my family and more understanding and supportive to my friends
    Be present with friends, family, and colleagues, speak and act with kindness in all interactions.
    I pledge to at least one conscious act of kindness per day, at least one smile to someone l don't know, and encourage kindness in others
    I will make a conscious decision to give my full attention to my friends & loved ones, not be in a hurry, give them lots of hugs
    I pledge to do actively do something kind every day and get as many people involved and supporting this organisation as I can
    I will show kindness at least once a day to people I know and I don't.
    Is 1 act of kindness a day by buying someone a coffee to volunteering my time for 30 days
    Being kind takes much less effort than being nasty or angry. I pledge to take at least one moment each day to be kind to myself and others
    To be there for family and friends, they are the most important part of your life.
    Kindness has to and will make a difference. I want to make a difference.
    A simple act of kindness can change someones day. I will always partake in simple acts of kindness, whether it be a simple smile or a chat
    To be present and share a friendly smile to everyone
    I will be more patient and stop and listen more to the people around me.
    Be more mindful to smile at strangers each and every day... and check on at least one friend!
    I pledge to make people feel more included and supported especially if we dont see eye to eye. And to be kind to myself as well. 🙂
    I will always be respectful and go out of my way to assist people I see that need help
    I will be kind, to myself, to others. I will encourage my family, friends and colleagues to practice grace and kindness
    To simply smile and say hello to my fellow human beings. Someone please hug Kathy and Ralph for me
    I always try to be a kind person but July will be a month of deeper focus and looking for opportunities
    To smile and be kind costs nothing but can change someone's day. Call a friend or check in with them by sending them a cheery message
    Look out for others
    I will show kindness in the words I speak.
    To make a conscious decision to make one act of kindness each day. To also give kindness to myself as well.
    Give a smile away often and be more patient
    I pledge to be kind to all, to be more genuine in my efforts, not because I have to, but because I want to.
    My pledge is to be kinder to myself and get out of my house as much as I can.
    I pledge to make kindness my natural behavior and also to teach those around me the same thing
    I will look for ways to make a person smile each day
    I pledge to be in the high energy of loving kindness throughout my life in every way 🙏🏼🥰😍
    I promise to show an act of kindness to as many people as I can daily
    Think every day about what I can do to make life happier for someone.
    Partner dying, I pledge love every day
    I will be less judgemental more inclusive and more actively kind.
    I pledge to interact with a complete stranger by saying hi, asking if they are ok or need help.
    I pledge to smile and be kind always.