Our Kindness Wall

    To ask someone "How are you" and mean it. Take time to listen.
    I pledge to be more aware of people around me, I pledge to smile more, worry about the little things less and help 1 stranger every day.
    I pledge to make kindness my initial go-to reaction. To tell myself that others are doing their best, as I am.
    listen to people....to hear them, look at people....to see them, hug people....to feel them, smiles are free..... be the change
    #kindjuly to smile and say hello, give someone a hug, give someone a coffee, ask if someone is ok, make someone a home cooked meal.
    Spread kindness, empathy, gratitude and acceptance with my students each and everyday
    I pledge to be more supportive and caring to people around me.
    Smile and say hello to everyone l have eye contact with each day. Buy someone I dont know a coffee and provide an ear to listen.
    Be more aware of people I pass on the street, make eye contact, smile and say hello. If someone look like they need assistance I will help
    To listen. And Smile at a stranger. #bekind
    Smile at people & give them a positive compliment to let them know we care about them
    Ask friends, family, work mates or just anyone, How are you? and take the time to listen and give hugs when needed
    I pledge to show my children acceptance and tolerance and that kindness is free to everyone.
    Help others daily
    I pledge to stay kind and model this to my children so they understand how something so easy can make such a difference to someones life.
    Everyday do an act of kindness to someone.. Smile at a stranger.. offer my help.. buy someone a coffee..
    Buy someone a coffee and spark conversation with strangers.
    Help those in need and be present
    Reach out and check with somebody different every day that they are ok
    To make sure that everyone I meet feels valued and/or noticed
    Smile at everyone I meet and offer help to anyone I see who needs it.
    Speak to a stranger everyday
    Is to always look for the good, the positive in everyone I meet.
    To smile each day and to give a little complement to people around me. Find a positive in every situation.
    I will make sure every single day that I will tell someone how valued they are! God Bless you Kathy and Ralph you are incredibly courageous
    Compliment others more often
    will speak to more people who i think needs a freind in need as i have been through a lot and also need someone to chat to me
    Smile and say hi! Be positive! Give hugs!
    I pledge to have more time and more patience with others.
    Buy a coffee for a stranger. Donate blood
    Speak of kindness to my boys, make more random acts of kindness to others and be kind to myself
    I pledge to be kind and patient with those in my life I struggle to be around or like because of the differences we share.
    I want to do a different act of kindness each day in July and include my kids in as many as possible.
    To be kind to not just the people that are close to me also to those i find hard to deal with
    The act of kindness in July I will do is volunteer for an organisation
    Smile and say Hello
    Hug as often as I can.
    I want to do something kind in the community
    I want to create a kind environment at work.