Pledge kindness

One pledge of one act of kindness by each of us would be 25 million acts of kindness in Australia.

    Our Kindness Wall

    I am creating a space where it is ok to not feel ok. Where kindness and positivity are encouraging our tiniest progresses.
    I want to create a positive environment for my team where they feel supported, recognised and valued.
    I pledge to actively be kind to the people around me as well as myself.
    I pledge to stay kind - to myself, others and nature! Including thoughts, words and actions.
    I pledge to treat everyone I cross paths with with kindness and respect so they feel valued and seen.
    I pledge to treat everyone with respect and kindness and also reserve judgement. I will also smile more often at strangers.
    I want to make all who I encounter feel welcome and valued
    I want to enhance sense of belonging at my school
    I will create a culturally safe playgroup for my local Indigenous families
    I pledge to be kind in everything I do; as best I can in my every day.
    As a Christian, I pledge to imitate Jesus by being a blessing and doing good wherever I go.
    I want to create a kind and safe place in my workplace
    I pledge to constantly remind myself that the standard I walk past, is the standard I accept to ensure kindness all around me.
    I want to remind myself and colleagues to Be kind, be safe and be smart.
    I pledge not to make judgements about other people, because I do not walk in their shoes.
    Feed the homeless and provide them warm clothes for the winter season
    I want to look for the best in each person I meet each day, choosing generosity in how I interpret their motivations and actions.
    To be consciously kind to people I know, and reaching out to people I don't know, who could benefit from kindness in their lives.
    To be grateful for the priviledges we have and to support those less fortunate and those that need a smile, a kind word or a helping hand...
    To be grateful for the priviledges we have and to support those less fortunate and those that need a smile, a kind word or a helping hand...
    I promise to spread a more than a fair share of kindness in my every day.
    I pledge to be kind to fellow drivers, bike riders and pedestrians when out and about
    Kindness is free and a smile doesn't cost anything. 😊 I pledge to reach out in kindness hopefully creating a ripple effect❣
    I want to create a culture of kindness and empathy at my workplace. We give it all to our patients & forget to give it to each other 💙
    I pledge to activate kindness to family, friends, neighbours & the community.
    I pledge to take responsibility for all my actions, to ensure that I act with Kindness in all my interactions with people & the environment.
    I pledge to treat every client and colleague with respect, to take responsibility for my actions and reactions in the face of aggravation.
    I want every life form on our planet to be free, loved, nurtured, and nourished without exception.
    We at Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney pledge kindness in our every day actions to those we work beside and who we support
    I want to share good news stories that restore faith in humanity
    Stay Kind's message strongly resonates with what I believe, so I want to help them on their mission.
    I promise to spread a fair share of kindness.
    To make sure that I stop and do something kind every day for someone else
    This world definitely needs more kindness and I'm committed to spreading kindness wherever I go.
    I want to send a smile to all who pass me with no expectation of one being returned. A friendly smile can change someone's whole day!
    I teach my children that they could be that one person to save another persons life, through just being kind. Please be kind everyone!
    An act of kindness has a ripple effect. It affects the giver and the receiver and will be spread like ripples in a pond for a better world.
    I pledge, in memory of Thomas and Stuart, to act kindly by smiling and offering support to people who need it.
    I want to make sure if I see someone cold and hungry that I can give them something hot to eat and drink
    I have much empathy for the Kelly family and others. The idea of being and staying kind is something I am passionate about.
    I have a daughter who is not doing so well at the moment with depression. I feel that young children need looking after like never before.
    The world needs more kindness