Pledge kindness

One pledge of one act of kindness by each of us would be 25 million acts of kindness in Australia.

    Our Kindness Wall

    Create strategies to protect our students to help prevent more heartbreak and give students the skills to protect themselves and others
    My partner went to school and was good friends with Stuart, as a teacher I want to create a community of kindness.
    My mates sister has this in her bio
    I'd like to be able to give at least one person a compliment each day.
    To focus more on the great things that happen each day rather than drawing attention to the things that didn't go to plan or the negatives.
    I pledge to reflect kindness all around for the good of me and the people I am around.
    I want young people to help each other and use kindness as a force for change. Simple acts of kindness can help to change the world we live
    I sense a great lack of kindness in our world and would love to be part of a movement which promotes this essential value.
    It isn't hard to be kind - but it can save a life.
    I am signing because this foundation is one of the most inspirational thing I've ever seen.
    I would like to help and heard about you on the ABC radio
    If everyone one were to have the courage, the hope and the wisdom to be kind, the world would be a far more peaceful and lighter place.
    There would be happier people if we were thoughtful, considerate, caring and empathetic. If we focussed on just being kind
    A act of kindness is contagious and inspires others to do better and to be better. Spread the kindness.
    At my lowest times, a smile from a stranger has made truly comforted me.
    We need more kindness and love in this world, more than ever before. Kindness overcomes fear. Gratitude and love are more powerful than hate
    Having an orientation to kindness gives me a sense of purpose connection and warmth.
    If I can be a kinder person in my daily life, apart from helping myself, I will in a small way help my family, friends, workplace & Aus
    we need a better world, we need more smiles, we need to connect and work together as ONE to improve our society
    Kindness is what really matters
    We tend toward forgetfulness; of good times, good friends, tender moments, our boundless capacity to love ourselves and all beings.
    I would like to be living in a more caring, compassionate Australia.
    I want to help, there is not enough kindness in this world
    I believe this is very important and that we need to actively promote this goal at an individual level and feel proud of our commitment
    Loving Kindness makes the world go round.
    I am signing because I agree with you ~ kindness can save our world. I would like to learn how to be more kind and how to teach others also.
    I am signing on behalf of all the caregivers that care for those with dementia... be kind to everyone always!
    We all remember how we feel when someone is kind to us - so spread the kindness. Each act helps make the world a better place to live
    I believe spreading kindness and love is the key to a brighter future.
    I want everyone to be happy. Peace in the world.
    kindness is important and Ausralia should be kinder 🙂
    I want everyone to love each other; in a friendly manner.
    I value the work being done by Stay Kind. Hope I can be involved with others to engender kindness and peace for us all.
    I believe that kindness should be ever present in our daily lives.
    I love being kind to others and I would love to see a world abundant with kindness. Why not be kind?
    I just listened to the 'All in the mind' interview and loved it. Let's create a world full of kindness and love together.
    I feel that kindness is such an important part of our lives, and we should all try to stay kind to each other.
    We often forget to be kind to ourselves and others
    Kindness is essential and the foundation for a cohesive society
    I believe Kindness Is very important and there's not enough of it out there.
    I honestly believe kindness can make a significant difference to people's lives.
    I don't want to forget to be kind when life gets hard