Pledge kindness

One pledge of one act of kindness by each of us would be 25 million acts of kindness in Australia.

    Our Kindness Wall

    I believe Kindness Is very important and there's not enough of it out there.
    I honestly believe kindness can make a significant difference to people's lives.
    I don't want to forget to be kind when life gets hard
    I am pledging to help raise my two preschool grandsons by modelling acts of kindness and reading books on Kindness
    We are thanking everyone from the cleaners at schools, the local supermarkets, teachers, Nursing home staff, people at the front line.
    I'm signing because I know that unexpected kindness can change lives.
    no matter how small you consider it to be, could potentially change or even safe someone's life. Especially those in vulnerable situations x
    I listened to Mr Kelly on All in the Mind and I agree that the answer to almost everything starts with kindness
    I believe that kindness will solve all our problems. I believe in the incredible power of kindness.
    I have just listened to ABC mind matters pod cast and your movement has really hit home for me.
    Kindness and Respect make a very real difference in our life
    Ever July, I create 31 posts about kindness and I schedule them on my FB page so that every morning people wake up to messages of kindness.
    I believe in this initiative strongly
    I will try and help others. This is a great cause which I believe in strongly and will make society a better place
    Our hope for the children that we educate is for them to grow up in a world where kindness is common place.
    I pledge to be kind to myself, to be the best possible me. Not just today and July. But every other day.
    I pledge to give people my time & them how much I value them.
    kindness to others, kindness to animals, and kindness to the planet is the only way for us all to live in harmony & overcome our challenges.
    Kindness is also one of the most powerful and beautiful things that transcends difference.
    kindness is one of the purest things in this world that is free so why not give it away without hesitation to anyone.
    We need more people who act with kindness unconsciously. If we can practice this month - it will just become a normal part of our everyday
    This movement just shows how much kindness can make a difference. My motto from Cinderella "Have courage, and be kind".
    Kindness saves lives
    i believe in how important this is
    We do not know anyone else's journey. Be the person you want to be with. Stay Kind.
    being kind is the best! 🙂
    Being kind helps us all
    Kindness is a globally understood language and our point of true connection as a society
    I want to speed kindness to the world
    For niceness
    I am making a kindness pledge to Karen Zhang which will last to 31 July 2020.
    I love kindness
    After receiving kindness I would like to pay it forward.
    It costs nothing to be kind
    More kindness in this world is never a bad thing!
    Kindness makes the world go round 🙂
    2020 has been a tough year so far and perhaps a little kindness here or there could help change our fortunes moving forward.
    There needs to be kindness in this world!
    The whole world needs some kindness, esp right now.
    Simple acts are often the most profound ... we can change the world with kindness
    there needs to be more kindness
    Kindness is so important all day everyday. Because everyone deserves that extra bit of love.