Pledge kindness

One pledge of one act of kindness by each of us would be 25 million acts of kindness in Australia.

    Our Kindness Wall

    to help save a life x
    I am signing because it so important to show and practise kindness in our everyday lives.
    To make the world a better place
    I will be more kind
    To remind myself that kindness comes first.
    Kindness is important!
    Because this world needs more love and kindness, and that starts with me.
    I pledge to be kinder to my classmates and to always think about their feelings.
    I love this movement... we all need to be kind and we all need kindness in our lives
    Kindness needs to be a focus for all.
    Its a great cause run by a passionate man
    The world needs more kindness!
    Because kindness is what knits together the fabric of our community.
    I listened to Ralph talk to the KPMG team and I am inspired to Stay Kind.
    Help someone when I see they need help.
    When I separated, I realised how much I had missed kindness in my life. Now it's my mission to ensure that is front and centre... kindness b
    be considerate to those around me and be more mindful of my responses and actions
    I want to make an impact on my community with small acts of kindness.
    Smile at the people on the street, just be nice!
    Kindness really matters and there should be no bullying in our world. People should never ever feel like suicide is their only option.
    Love your fellow man! Having seen the best and the worst in mankind over 38 odd years of policing, I am so proud to be a supporter!
    The difference an act kindness makes will not only change lives but it will also save lives. And it all starts with you. Stay Kind.
    As a very proud Patron of this wonderful foundation, I am fully supportive of the determination to help make Australia a more kinder nation
    The world is in trouble and it needa help and kindness for all its inhabitants.
    We need more kindness to heal the world
    To be mindful daily, about my role in the community, to provide inspiration and contribute to a kinder, more giving society
    Individual acts of kindness is the pathway forward our world needs and creates a ripple effect to seed greater change
    Be nice to my colleagues
    Treating others with kindness is simply the right thing to do. Once you start, it becomes second nature and creates a ripple effect.
    I want the world to smile, feel the warmth and be a better place.
    Saw ad in newspaper, interested so looked you up, great website and fantastic idea, so very kind of you! Really lovely to see, thank you 🙂
    I believe together we can make a kinder place
    I believe that if everybody in the world could just practise a little bit of kindness everyday, the world would be so different!
    Kindness is so important in our world today
    Such a lovely message
    Get my kids involved in random acts of kindness and to share it with us at dinner time.
    Im pledging random acts of kindness. Maybe a smile, maybe opening the door for someone. Maybe buy a coffee for the next in line
    How beautiful would our world be if it were filled with kindness
    Everyone needs to share a little bit of kindness
    Kindness is free and makes everyone happy. Spreading more kindness life would be better for all. Spread the love.
    I will donate lots of warm clothing and bedding to people in need
    I am pledging that I will donate any warm clothing and house hold items for people in need this winter