Pledge kindness

One pledge of one act of kindness by each of us would be 25 million acts of kindness in Australia.

    Our Kindness Wall

    Kindness is free and makes everyone happy. Spreading more kindness life would be better for all. Spread the love.
    I will donate lots of warm clothing and bedding to people in need
    I am pledging that I will donate any warm clothing and house hold items for people in need this winter
    I am pledging that I will donate any warm clothing and house hold items for people in need this winter
    I/m pledging that I will help someone in need. Donate clothes and items I do not use.
    Spreading kindness is an important part of everyday life 🙂
    I believe that every child should go to school and experience kindness from their teachers and their peers.
    The kindest person In my world passed away 9 months ago and I want her kindness and memory to live on and be carried through to help others
    I commit to being kind to strangers wherever I meet them
    You never know what someone is going through so choose kindness always.
    I will smile at a stranger, and help someone when I see an opportunity to make someone's day brighter
    I wanna be kind
    Perform a random act of kindness daily for the next month.
    I want to knit a homeless person something to keep them warm this winter like a beanie or a scarf.
    Changing someone's day or week or life can all come down to just being Kind, there is enough bad in the world.
    Message a friend or family member every day and tell them why I value them.
    Helping people at school when they are hurt
    Everyone deserves support, love and kindness
    Share and promote the strength of kindness while encouraging act of kindness in my early childhood class.
    I will educate the children I teach to be conscious of each other's needs and emotions
    Because we are living in a very stressful time and everyone needs to contribute to doing the best they can to make a difference in the world
    Do what I can to help my daughter, who is currently suffering from a medical condition.
    It is not hard to be kind, and it might just make the world of difference to someone.
    I will donate instead of selling -clothes & food. Give time to listen instead of hearing. Give energies of love & compassion to each other
    I have always believed that just smiling at someone can change there day for the better. After hearing this story, I wanted to make a pledge
    Kindness is central to human well-being
    Kindness is central value - both as a recipient and a giver. My pledge is to ensure each and everyone in my space feels included and heard.
    I lost my nephew to suicide 3 weeks ago. I am devastated and cant even imagine how the Kellys have coped and also done so much for others.
    Words can have such impact. Positively and negatively. Being mean was so last decade
    I would like to see more kindness in this world.
    Because it brightens everyones day
    Treat others the way you would like to be treated with kindness. A daily dose of kindness will make the world we live in a much better place
    Kindness is always important in your every day
    Give some more kindness
    To make people happy
    I will help spread happiness
    I wanna make people happy
    I believe that manners are free so I will use my manners as much as possible to remind everyone this.
    Spend more time listening.
    Small acts of kindness everyday
    Give to a homeless person outside my work. Listen to someone who needs to be listened to. Respond with love when I feel impatient or angry.