Pledge kindness

One pledge of one act of kindness by each of us would be 25 million acts of kindness in Australia.

    Our Kindness Wall

    Give to a homeless person outside my work. Listen to someone who needs to be listened to. Respond with love when I feel impatient or angry.
    Continue to teach my children how to be kind in leading by example
    Open my eyes, my face, my body, myself up to others to make contact and be interested in others. Without judgement and to project kindness.
    Be kind and help
    I will do one unexpected act of service for a family in need each week and random acts of kindness whenever the opportunity arises
    Treat everyone with kindness always.
    Say Good morning/afternoon and help at least 2 people a day.
    Teach my children the importance of being kind EVERY day. And that one small gesture can really change someones whole day.
    I will ask people I find who appear to be in distress if they need any assistance
    We are going to be kind by talking nicely to each other, helping each other and saying please and thankyou.
    I will volunteer at local organizations.
    Smile and say hello to colleagues I pass in the corridor, smile and thank everyone who provides service to me in a shop or a business
    I will be kind to others.
    Model kindness to my children and look out for elderly who need some extra support
    I will volunteer at a charity organisation. I will do small acts of kindness such as buying a coffee or treat for a stranger.
    This July will strive to be friendly, generous, and considerate.
    Smile at everyone I make eye contact with.
    Walk shelter dogs. Thank the volunteers at the shelter for their time. Donate doggie clothes, towels and blankets to a not-for-profit
    Be kind to others and myself
    My pledge is to make our students feel valued and make them smile:)
    Each class in our school is making their own kindness pledge for the month of July. From kind words, to actions, to smiles.
    The act of kindness we will do in July is to encourage and support people to keep trying, even when they think they can't.
    I pledge to make acts of kindness everyday
    Our business The Branding Office is sending out $5 notes to our best clients and asking them to pay it forward.
    Be sensitive to people's feelings, assist where I can and listen to people.
    I will continue to make YouTube videos and share kindness stories to inspire and remind us to be kinder in our thoughts, speech and actions
    I will help my Mum do the washing.
    Speak words of kindness everyday, help those in need ❣️
    I will provide counselling sessions for free, donating my time and skills.
    Celebrate the success of people around me like it is my own
    Serve people and make myself available to help others eg taking groceries to car for someone / being generous with my time etc
    Once a week, give a stranger a compliment. Continue to compliment those around me.
    This July will strive to be friendly, generous, and considerate.
    Be kind to others and myself
    The act of kindness I will do is to be kind to myself and others every single day. I promise to be nice to others
    not fight or insult my bros or annoy harry and his bag.
    Do what I can to help people in need
    Do a random act of kindness each day
    Complement someone on something
    unexpected acts of kindness on zoo excursion- choccies for groups and a coffee for my buddy!
    Try to speak kindly to everyone especially those closest to me and forgive myself when I can't meet these exacting standards.
    I will donate an oil diffuser + oils to my office/team and I will eat plastic wrapper free this July!