About Kind July Challenge

do something kind every day

What is the Challenge?

Starting July 1, we’re encouraging all Australians to participate in our Kind July Challenge.

We’ve created a whole month of kind acts for you to complete, because at the heart of every community and nation, kindness needs to grow and thrive. What better way to do that than by staying kind every day.

Each day in July, you can collect points for acts of kindness. We’re looking for our Top Kind July Challenge Champions. The more points you collect the bigger your impact. Everyone who earns 1000+ points is in the running to be featured on our socials as one of our community change makers. 2000+ points earners secure the title of Top Kind July Champion. There are also Mystery Bonus points each week for sharing your experiences, and a Thursday Wildcard where you can grab even more points to add to your Kind July points tally.

And it doesn’t stop there. We also have Super Bonus points on offer. For instance: you can organise a Kindness Brunch and take part in Australia’s celebration of Kindness on July 15, 16, 17 and 18 and earn points. For additional inspiration why not drop into our Kind Zone and download one of our Kind July calendars. 

What does the Kind July Challenge involve?

Daily Acts of Kindness

Each day in July, you’re encouraged to do a daily act of kindness to receive points. At the end of the week, you might want to share what you did for a mystery bonus.

Thursday Wildcard

There’s also a Thursday Wildcard where the challenge might be a little more difficult, but the rewards are worth it.

Super bonus points

We’ve also got super bonus point activities to get involved in such as the Kindness Brunch.


There will be badges to show how you’re progressing, and you’ll be able to see your points mount up in your dashboard.

Final score

All the points up for grabs add to your final score.​

Kind July Challenge Champions

Remember: we’re on the lookout for our ‘Kind July Challenge Champions’.

How can I get involved?



Register to take part in the Kind July Challenge.


Activate your account

Check your email to activate your Kind July account.


Login and collect points

On the 1st of July, login. Set up your dashboard and you’re ready to start the Kind July Challenge.

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Plan a Kindness Brunch for family, friends at work or school and celebrate being kind.

Take a look and participate in all of our events in July.

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