To be grateful for the priviledges we have and to support those less fortunate and those that need a smile, a kind word or a helping hand...
To be grateful for the priviledges we have and to support those less fortunate and those that need a smile, a kind word or a helping hand...
I promise to spread a more than a fair share of kindness in my every day.
I pledge to be kind to fellow drivers, bike riders and pedestrians when out and about
Kindness is free and a smile doesn't cost anything. 😊 I pledge to reach out in kindness hopefully creating a ripple effect❣
I want to create a culture of kindness and empathy at my workplace. We give it all to our patients & forget to give it to each other 💙
I pledge to activate kindness to family, friends, neighbours & the community.
I pledge to take responsibility for all my actions, to ensure that I act with Kindness in all my interactions with people & the environment.
I pledge to treat every client and colleague with respect, to take responsibility for my actions and reactions in the face of aggravation.
I want every life form on our planet to be free, loved, nurtured, and nourished without exception.
We at Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney pledge kindness in our every day actions to those we work beside and who we support
I want to share good news stories that restore faith in humanity
Stay Kind's message strongly resonates with what I believe, so I want to help them on their mission.
I promise to spread a fair share of kindness.
To make sure that I stop and do something kind every day for someone else
This world definitely needs more kindness and I'm committed to spreading kindness wherever I go.
I want to send a smile to all who pass me with no expectation of one being returned. A friendly smile can change someone's whole day!
I teach my children that they could be that one person to save another persons life, through just being kind. Please be kind everyone!
An act of kindness has a ripple effect. It affects the giver and the receiver and will be spread like ripples in a pond for a better world.
I pledge, in memory of Thomas and Stuart, to act kindly by smiling and offering support to people who need it.
I want to make sure if I see someone cold and hungry that I can give them something hot to eat and drink
I have much empathy for the Kelly family and others. The idea of being and staying kind is something I am passionate about.
I have a daughter who is not doing so well at the moment with depression. I feel that young children need looking after like never before.
The world needs more kindness
Create strategies to protect our students to help prevent more heartbreak and give students the skills to protect themselves and others
My partner went to school and was good friends with Stuart, as a teacher I want to create a community of kindness.
My mates sister has this in her bio
I'd like to be able to give at least one person a compliment each day.
To focus more on the great things that happen each day rather than drawing attention to the things that didn't go to plan or the negatives.
I pledge to reflect kindness all around for the good of me and the people I am around.
I want young people to help each other and use kindness as a force for change. Simple acts of kindness can help to change the world we live
I sense a great lack of kindness in our world and would love to be part of a movement which promotes this essential value.
It isn't hard to be kind - but it can save a life.
I am signing because this foundation is one of the most inspirational thing I've ever seen.
I would like to help and heard about you on the ABC radio
If everyone one were to have the courage, the hope and the wisdom to be kind, the world would be a far more peaceful and lighter place.
There would be happier people if we were thoughtful, considerate, caring and empathetic. If we focussed on just being kind
A act of kindness is contagious and inspires others to do better and to be better. Spread the kindness.
At my lowest times, a smile from a stranger has made truly comforted me.
We need more kindness and love in this world, more than ever before. Kindness overcomes fear. Gratitude and love are more powerful than hate
Having an orientation to kindness gives me a sense of purpose connection and warmth.
If I can be a kinder person in my daily life, apart from helping myself, I will in a small way help my family, friends, workplace & Aus
we need a better world, we need more smiles, we need to connect and work together as ONE to improve our society
Kindness is what really matters
We tend toward forgetfulness; of good times, good friends, tender moments, our boundless capacity to love ourselves and all beings.
I would like to be living in a more caring, compassionate Australia.
I want to help, there is not enough kindness in this world
I believe this is very important and that we need to actively promote this goal at an individual level and feel proud of our commitment
Loving Kindness makes the world go round.
I am signing because I agree with you ~ kindness can save our world. I would like to learn how to be more kind and how to teach others also.
I am signing on behalf of all the caregivers that care for those with dementia... be kind to everyone always!
We all remember how we feel when someone is kind to us - so spread the kindness. Each act helps make the world a better place to live
I believe spreading kindness and love is the key to a brighter future.
I want everyone to be happy. Peace in the world.
kindness is important and Ausralia should be kinder 🙂
I want everyone to love each other; in a friendly manner.
I value the work being done by Stay Kind. Hope I can be involved with others to engender kindness and peace for us all.
I believe that kindness should be ever present in our daily lives.
I love being kind to others and I would love to see a world abundant with kindness. Why not be kind?
I just listened to the 'All in the mind' interview and loved it. Let's create a world full of kindness and love together.
I feel that kindness is such an important part of our lives, and we should all try to stay kind to each other.
We often forget to be kind to ourselves and others
Kindness is essential and the foundation for a cohesive society
I believe Kindness Is very important and there's not enough of it out there.
I honestly believe kindness can make a significant difference to people's lives.
I don't want to forget to be kind when life gets hard
I am pledging to help raise my two preschool grandsons by modelling acts of kindness and reading books on Kindness
We are thanking everyone from the cleaners at schools, the local supermarkets, teachers, Nursing home staff, people at the front line.
I'm signing because I know that unexpected kindness can change lives.
no matter how small you consider it to be, could potentially change or even safe someone's life. Especially those in vulnerable situations x
I listened to Mr Kelly on All in the Mind and I agree that the answer to almost everything starts with kindness
I believe that kindness will solve all our problems. I believe in the incredible power of kindness.
I have just listened to ABC mind matters pod cast and your movement has really hit home for me.
Kindness and Respect make a very real difference in our life
Ever July, I create 31 posts about kindness and I schedule them on my FB page so that every morning people wake up to messages of kindness.
I believe in this initiative strongly
I will try and help others. This is a great cause which I believe in strongly and will make society a better place
Our hope for the children that we educate is for them to grow up in a world where kindness is common place.
I pledge to be kind to myself, to be the best possible me. Not just today and July. But every other day.
I pledge to give people my time & them how much I value them.
kindness to others, kindness to animals, and kindness to the planet is the only way for us all to live in harmony & overcome our challenges.
Kindness is also one of the most powerful and beautiful things that transcends difference.
kindness is one of the purest things in this world that is free so why not give it away without hesitation to anyone.
We need more people who act with kindness unconsciously. If we can practice this month - it will just become a normal part of our everyday
This movement just shows how much kindness can make a difference. My motto from Cinderella "Have courage, and be kind".
Kindness saves lives
i believe in how important this is
We do not know anyone else's journey. Be the person you want to be with. Stay Kind.
being kind is the best! 🙂
Being kind helps us all
Kindness is a globally understood language and our point of true connection as a society
I want to speed kindness to the world
For niceness
I am making a kindness pledge to Karen Zhang which will last to 31 July 2020.
I love kindness
After receiving kindness I would like to pay it forward.
It costs nothing to be kind
More kindness in this world is never a bad thing!
Kindness makes the world go round 🙂
2020 has been a tough year so far and perhaps a little kindness here or there could help change our fortunes moving forward.
There needs to be kindness in this world!
The whole world needs some kindness, esp right now.
Simple acts are often the most profound ... we can change the world with kindness
there needs to be more kindness
Kindness is so important all day everyday. Because everyone deserves that extra bit of love.
I want to spread kindess.
Every act of kindness goes in to the universe and will come back to you when you need it most
to save someones life
to help save a life x
I am signing because it so important to show and practise kindness in our everyday lives.
To make the world a better place
I will be more kind
To remind myself that kindness comes first.
Kindness is important!
Because this world needs more love and kindness, and that starts with me.
I pledge to be kinder to my classmates and to always think about their feelings.
I love this movement... we all need to be kind and we all need kindness in our lives
Kindness needs to be a focus for all.
Its a great cause run by a passionate man
The world needs more kindness!
Because kindness is what knits together the fabric of our community.
I listened to Ralph talk to the KPMG team and I am inspired to Stay Kind.
Help someone when I see they need help.
When I separated, I realised how much I had missed kindness in my life. Now it's my mission to ensure that is front and centre... kindness b
be considerate to those around me and be more mindful of my responses and actions
I want to make an impact on my community with small acts of kindness.
Smile at the people on the street, just be nice!
Kindness really matters and there should be no bullying in our world. People should never ever feel like suicide is their only option.
Love your fellow man! Having seen the best and the worst in mankind over 38 odd years of policing, I am so proud to be a supporter!
The difference an act kindness makes will not only change lives but it will also save lives. And it all starts with you. Stay Kind.
As a very proud Patron of this wonderful foundation, I am fully supportive of the determination to help make Australia a more kinder nation
The world is in trouble and it needa help and kindness for all its inhabitants.
We need more kindness to heal the world
To be mindful daily, about my role in the community, to provide inspiration and contribute to a kinder, more giving society
Individual acts of kindness is the pathway forward our world needs and creates a ripple effect to seed greater change
Be nice to my colleagues
Treating others with kindness is simply the right thing to do. Once you start, it becomes second nature and creates a ripple effect.
I want the world to smile, feel the warmth and be a better place.
Saw ad in newspaper, interested so looked you up, great website and fantastic idea, so very kind of you! Really lovely to see, thank you 🙂
I believe together we can make a kinder place
I believe that if everybody in the world could just practise a little bit of kindness everyday, the world would be so different!
Kindness is so important in our world today
Such a lovely message
Get my kids involved in random acts of kindness and to share it with us at dinner time.
Im pledging random acts of kindness. Maybe a smile, maybe opening the door for someone. Maybe buy a coffee for the next in line
How beautiful would our world be if it were filled with kindness
Everyone needs to share a little bit of kindness
Kindness is free and makes everyone happy. Spreading more kindness life would be better for all. Spread the love.
I will donate lots of warm clothing and bedding to people in need
I am pledging that I will donate any warm clothing and house hold items for people in need this winter
I am pledging that I will donate any warm clothing and house hold items for people in need this winter
I/m pledging that I will help someone in need. Donate clothes and items I do not use.
Spreading kindness is an important part of everyday life 🙂
I believe that every child should go to school and experience kindness from their teachers and their peers.
The kindest person In my world passed away 9 months ago and I want her kindness and memory to live on and be carried through to help others
I commit to being kind to strangers wherever I meet them
You never know what someone is going through so choose kindness always.
I will smile at a stranger, and help someone when I see an opportunity to make someone's day brighter
I wanna be kind
Perform a random act of kindness daily for the next month.
I want to knit a homeless person something to keep them warm this winter like a beanie or a scarf.
Changing someone's day or week or life can all come down to just being Kind, there is enough bad in the world.
Message a friend or family member every day and tell them why I value them.
Helping people at school when they are hurt
Everyone deserves support, love and kindness
Share and promote the strength of kindness while encouraging act of kindness in my early childhood class.
I will educate the children I teach to be conscious of each other's needs and emotions
Because we are living in a very stressful time and everyone needs to contribute to doing the best they can to make a difference in the world
Do what I can to help my daughter, who is currently suffering from a medical condition.
It is not hard to be kind, and it might just make the world of difference to someone.
I will donate instead of selling -clothes & food. Give time to listen instead of hearing. Give energies of love & compassion to each other
I have always believed that just smiling at someone can change there day for the better. After hearing this story, I wanted to make a pledge
Kindness is central to human well-being
Kindness is central value - both as a recipient and a giver. My pledge is to ensure each and everyone in my space feels included and heard.
I lost my nephew to suicide 3 weeks ago. I am devastated and cant even imagine how the Kellys have coped and also done so much for others.
Words can have such impact. Positively and negatively. Being mean was so last decade
I would like to see more kindness in this world.
Because it brightens everyones day
Treat others the way you would like to be treated with kindness. A daily dose of kindness will make the world we live in a much better place
Kindness is always important in your every day
Give some more kindness
To make people happy
I will help spread happiness
I wanna make people happy
I believe that manners are free so I will use my manners as much as possible to remind everyone this.
Spend more time listening.
Small acts of kindness everyday
Give to a homeless person outside my work. Listen to someone who needs to be listened to. Respond with love when I feel impatient or angry.
Continue to teach my children how to be kind in leading by example
Open my eyes, my face, my body, myself up to others to make contact and be interested in others. Without judgement and to project kindness.
Be kind and help
I will do one unexpected act of service for a family in need each week and random acts of kindness whenever the opportunity arises
Treat everyone with kindness always.
Say Good morning/afternoon and help at least 2 people a day.
Teach my children the importance of being kind EVERY day. And that one small gesture can really change someones whole day.
I will ask people I find who appear to be in distress if they need any assistance
We are going to be kind by talking nicely to each other, helping each other and saying please and thankyou.
I will volunteer at local organizations.
Smile and say hello to colleagues I pass in the corridor, smile and thank everyone who provides service to me in a shop or a business
I will be kind to others.
Model kindness to my children and look out for elderly who need some extra support
I will volunteer at a charity organisation. I will do small acts of kindness such as buying a coffee or treat for a stranger.
This July will strive to be friendly, generous, and considerate.
Smile at everyone I make eye contact with.
Walk shelter dogs. Thank the volunteers at the shelter for their time. Donate doggie clothes, towels and blankets to a not-for-profit
Be kind to others and myself
My pledge is to make our students feel valued and make them smile:)
Each class in our school is making their own kindness pledge for the month of July. From kind words, to actions, to smiles.
The act of kindness we will do in July is to encourage and support people to keep trying, even when they think they can't.
I pledge to make acts of kindness everyday
Our business The Branding Office is sending out $5 notes to our best clients and asking them to pay it forward.
Be sensitive to people's feelings, assist where I can and listen to people.
I will continue to make YouTube videos and share kindness stories to inspire and remind us to be kinder in our thoughts, speech and actions
I will help my Mum do the washing.
Speak words of kindness everyday, help those in need ❣️
I will provide counselling sessions for free, donating my time and skills.
Celebrate the success of people around me like it is my own
Serve people and make myself available to help others eg taking groceries to car for someone / being generous with my time etc
Once a week, give a stranger a compliment. Continue to compliment those around me.
This July will strive to be friendly, generous, and considerate.
Be kind to others and myself
The act of kindness I will do is to be kind to myself and others every single day. I promise to be nice to others
not fight or insult my bros or annoy harry and his bag.
Do what I can to help people in need
Do a random act of kindness each day
Complement someone on something
unexpected acts of kindness on zoo excursion- choccies for groups and a coffee for my buddy!
Try to speak kindly to everyone especially those closest to me and forgive myself when I can't meet these exacting standards.
I will donate an oil diffuser + oils to my office/team and I will eat plastic wrapper free this July!
I pledge to treat myself and others with loving kindness during July.
I pledge to myself, on this day. To try to be kind, in every way. To every person, big and small, I will help them if they fall.
I pledge to be kind to myself and others every single day in July.
The Roberts family pledge to do something kind everyday in July. We are on board!
Donate to one in need
2R pledges to be nice to others by using kind words and spreading happiness. We will help others who are hurt, lonely or have made a mess
Perform at least one random act of kindness everyday and pay it forward!
I will take a small, homemade gift to a neighbour who has just moved into the street, welcoming them to the neighbourhood.
Be kind by keeping our school environment clean and safe. We will say 'Hello!' and give compliments to teachers, friends and family
Spread a smile
I pledge to be more present in my interactions and to uplift others
let people in while driving buy someone a coffee ask if someone is ok acknowledge somebody's physical and health achievement
I will complete random acts of kindness and greet/compliment people every day in July
I pledge to pay it forward, and to volunteer my time to provide support to those in need.
I will complete random acts of kindness, eg. compliment someone, offer a helping hand, smile at passer bys, and show gratitude.
I will send a message to reconnect with an old friend via facebook each day of the month.
I aspire to, in the month of July, show an act of kindness everyday, not only to family and friends but to others
Tell my work collegues how much they are appreciated on a daily basis.
I pledge to have present and meaningful conversations with friends, family, coworkers, and community members
I pledge to encourage & support those people trying to engage in social settings with positive attitude and enthusiasm
I pledge to acknowledge homeless people and not ignore them when I walk by.
I pledge to smile at someone I don't know each day.
I will cook a batch of soup a week for my team mates to eat for lunch. Anything that is not eaten I will donate to a local food charity
promote this initiative in my school
I pledge to do at least one random act of kindness every day in July - in the hope that it becomes so natural, that I do it every day
Every day in July I will make someone's day better with a smile, a compliment, helping them and making them feel valued.
I pledge to act respectfully and keep an open mind to be empathetic and compassionate towards those I encounter and pay it forward
I will commit to throughout July is to be more mindful of my assumptions of others, to compliment and affirm those around me
I pledge to be more aware of self, and my interactions with the word this July. I will endeavour to do acts of kindness on others any chance
I pledge to be aware of my surroundings and take opportunities to make someones day better.
I pledge to be aware of my surroundings and take opportunities to make someones day better.
I pledge to be more conscious of my actions during July and demonstrate kindness on a daily basis
I consciously pledge to perform an act of kindness every day in July
I pledge to remind myself when interacting with others, that kindness, like navy blue blazers, never goes out of style
We will be offering Local Melbourne businesses free Workplace wellness programs to give back to the community.
In July we as a business will be offering free workplace wellness programs to city of Melbourne business. To help give back to the community
I aim to be kind to everyone ...
I pledge to be more aware of my surroundings and offer support to those I know, and those I don't, who may need it.
I pledge to perform an act of kindness each day and be nonjudgmental
Respect others for their uniqueness
To make more of a conscious decision to be kind to those who I might take for granted everyday. My family and friends..
I pledge to do one small act of kindness each day, and as a business owner I will pledge to give one person free training in July
My pledge is to pay a compliment to my work colleagues and anyone who enters my place of work on a daily basis
My second pledge is to pay a compliment to my work colleagues and anyone who enters my place of work on a daily basis
To smile at strangers and compliment someone each day. You never know what someone is going through
I'm going to plant 4 trees to honour the memory of 4 close friends who lost their lives early to suicide & accidental overdose.
I pledge to show gratitude to at least one person every day of July
Appreciate and Be Kind. To be more aware of my surroundings and those in need and offer a hand.
I pledge a daily act of kindness in July for people I know and those I don't.
To forgive and forget
Assist the elderly in my community
Take away the burden from someone if they are feeling overwhelmed, lend a helping hand with kind words.
I pledge 1 act of kindness per day in July. I will also encourage my kids to participate by spreading kindness at school.
I commit to connecting with people outside of my comfort zone. It's not hard to say hello or to say something nice to someone you don't know
I will bring my family along on this journey to speak of kindness by asking what acts of kindness we witnessed or participated in each day.
Be mindful of those around me and treat them with courtesy, respect and kindness
To grant everyone who crosses my path with nothing but compassion and kindness. I also hope to volunteer in the Stay Kind Foundation
Be more conscious of performing acts of kindness outside of my work and family environments, and spread kindness to the same people
Find forgiveness to the people (family) who have judged me unfairly. To have kind thoughts toward them instead of being angry
To think before I speak
Take the time out of your day to make someone else day. It's a simply smile, paying it forward, whatever it is. Just be kind!
I will say hi to a stranger and pay it forward with a warm drink or meal for the homeless, I will listen to people without judgement
I pledge to act with kindness by always being grateful, to smile as I pass people in my travels, and offer compliments to others
I will try to do at least one random act of kindness every day. I will try to be more aware of the 'unseen' needs of those around me
Aim to carry out a random act of kindness each day - endeavour to make our world a kinder and more caring world
I have a coffee van and I make sure they leave with coffee and happier than when they arrived. I offer many hugs and words of encouragement!
To seek those of difference and try and make their day brighter and show acceptance in remembrance of my son who recently took his life .
To use Kind words and gentle hands when we interact with others.
Kindness costs nothing. It could be the one action that could make a real difference in someone elses life.
Smile, speak and engage with people who seem lonely when I'm out in the community.
I commit to smile and speak gently to all, including those with whom I disagree
I'm in. Lets all get onboard..
Smile more at strangers and take the time to listen and check in with people
I will be more tolerant of my partner, and not talk loudly or get angry when I dont agree with her or if she is wanting me to do something
In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
volunteer and cook for the less fortunate
Focus on family and making sure to ask everyone how they are going and to be more encouraging to others
Be more conscious of my words, give out as many compliments as I can and make an effort to catch up with friends
Every day I will aim to make someone smile either by giving them a compliment, buying them a coffee or even just asking them if they are ok
Instead of wondering 'does that person need help', I'm going to jump right in and offer help.
make sure I do at least one act of kindness each day, it may be a smile, a compliment, buying a coffee or asking someone if they are ok
Carry it forward.
I pledge to carry out unplanned and spontaneous acts of kindness when I see someone in need.
Will listen to others and practice act of kindness ...
Smile more and be kinder to myself
The act of kindness I will do in July is offer all sorts of helps to those who in need, even just offering a smile it helps
Continue to be kind and help, support and encourage everyone also take it to my SRC teacher and get my school involved! 🙂
Please consider supporting the Staykind organization and the Kelly family by making a pledge.
I pledge to random acts of kindness not just in July but every day to help make a difference for family friends and strangers
The act of kindness I pledge to do in July is to help and support others
The act of kindness I will do in July is opening the door for someone.
Listen to friends in need and offer them support, increase my monthly donation to a human rights charity and smile at passersby.
I pledge to share kindness to my community and to myself now and always.
I will smile and say Good Morning and Good Afternoon when I am near others- A smile costs nothing but gives alot
Pray that the God of all comfort would wrap the Kelly family in His love as He heals their broken hearts
Be mindful of other's around me in need and respond by giving assistance and help.
Be more empathetic
I will try my best to help others however I can, show compassion, patience and understanding. I believe we should all be more kind to others
In July I aspire to be kinder, a deeper kinder than usual. xo
The act of kindness I pledge to in July is to give to another mother, who is in need, in our global community.
Pay for someone else behind me when out for dinner
I pledge to notice those around me and consider what they've got going on. I will take the opportunity to check in with someone everyday
Compliment people at least 3 people every day and message or call my family/friends when I think of them rather than putting it off.
Too teach my children the meaning behind kindness and to get them to donate a toy each to someone that could use it more then they would
Be kind to animals and people. Even the rude ones. Theyre the ones who need help the most.
I pledge to do one random act of kindness per day for the month and look for new opportunities everyday to show kindness to people
I will do one act of kindness each day for the month of July.
The act of kindness I will do in July is smile more at people who may be forgotten.
To take the time to listen to others, to be a good wife, mother and friend, to tell someone everyday that they are loved and appreciated
I pledge not to judge others as we do not know their story. I pledge to be kind to others not only for July but from now onwards.
to volunteer at the soup kitchen once a week
Smile at strangers/say good morning/pay for a strangers coffe
Each day I'm out and about I will tell someone that they are my favourite person of the day
Smile to people who I walk past down the street and through the supermarket
Actually look at the people who serve me, say thank you and give them a big smile.
Be more understanding of people and don't be afraid to share me mental illness journey. To do one act of kindness a day
Give a friend a hug and make time so he can share air his problems
I pledge to remind myself every day that everyone is doing the best they can at life, and use this to guide my interactions with anyone
To take the time to sit and listen to a strangers story . To smile and say hello to people I dont know.
sit and talk to a homeless person and see what their immediate needs are and if I can help
Surprise a few people, and pay for their morning coffee
Help more homeless dudes on the street
To offer help and assistance to those I pass who look like they could use a hand. Even the gesture might be enough to warrant a smile
One act of kindness can set someone free so I pledge to give kindness with all my heart, in hope of making this contagious!
Smile at random peple
Remember everyone is on their own journey, show respect for every person regardless of their circumstances.
Generally be nicer & more helpful to family & everyone i come in contact with on a daily basis
To follow once of the suggestions everyday and to ask, "What did you do that was kind today?"
Do as much as I can to support the STAYKIND movement, by encouraging others to get involved and living in a way that is conscious kind
I send out a good morning messages to all my friends by txt message and on messenger
I will be kind to others by using positive and uplifting behaviour. I will be a listening ear.
In July I will continue to be kind by helping people in little ways by listening but being honest and saying a simple hello to our friends
In my job I meet people from all walks of life and of all vulnerabilities. I pledge to be kind to strangers and coworkers
Always remember that everyone has something tough going on - I pledge to not judge just be there . In the moment - in any small way that can
listen before speaking and look for people who need a kind word
I will wont judge. I will make sure I am conscious that everyone is fighting a battle that I dont know
Be kinder towards my family and more understanding and supportive to my friends
Be present with friends, family, and colleagues, speak and act with kindness in all interactions.
I pledge to at least one conscious act of kindness per day, at least one smile to someone l don't know, and encourage kindness in others
I will make a conscious decision to give my full attention to my friends & loved ones, not be in a hurry, give them lots of hugs
I pledge to do actively do something kind every day and get as many people involved and supporting this organisation as I can
I will show kindness at least once a day to people I know and I don't.
Is 1 act of kindness a day by buying someone a coffee to volunteering my time for 30 days
Being kind takes much less effort than being nasty or angry. I pledge to take at least one moment each day to be kind to myself and others
To be there for family and friends, they are the most important part of your life.
Kindness has to and will make a difference. I want to make a difference.
A simple act of kindness can change someones day. I will always partake in simple acts of kindness, whether it be a simple smile or a chat
To be present and share a friendly smile to everyone
I will be more patient and stop and listen more to the people around me.
Be more mindful to smile at strangers each and every day... and check on at least one friend!
I pledge to make people feel more included and supported especially if we dont see eye to eye. And to be kind to myself as well. 🙂
I will always be respectful and go out of my way to assist people I see that need help
I will be kind, to myself, to others. I will encourage my family, friends and colleagues to practice grace and kindness
To simply smile and say hello to my fellow human beings. Someone please hug Kathy and Ralph for me
I always try to be a kind person but July will be a month of deeper focus and looking for opportunities
To smile and be kind costs nothing but can change someone's day. Call a friend or check in with them by sending them a cheery message
Look out for others
I will show kindness in the words I speak.
To make a conscious decision to make one act of kindness each day. To also give kindness to myself as well.
Give a smile away often and be more patient
I pledge to be kind to all, to be more genuine in my efforts, not because I have to, but because I want to.
My pledge is to be kinder to myself and get out of my house as much as I can.
I pledge to make kindness my natural behavior and also to teach those around me the same thing
I will look for ways to make a person smile each day
I pledge to be in the high energy of loving kindness throughout my life in every way 🙏🏼🥰😍
I promise to show an act of kindness to as many people as I can daily
Think every day about what I can do to make life happier for someone.
Partner dying, I pledge love every day
I will be less judgemental more inclusive and more actively kind.
I pledge to interact with a complete stranger by saying hi, asking if they are ok or need help.
I pledge to smile and be kind always.
I pledge to be kind, patient and considerate of others. I pledge to role model kindness within my home, my workplace and my commmunity.
'My commitment is to make sure I take 5 minutes out of each day to talk to my kids about how they were kind today as well as role modelling
be kind to those who may not be kind to me. And smile to strangers.
I will go out of my way to be kind and compassionate every day, not only to my loved ones but anyone I come in contact with
I will commit to trying to do an act of kindness everyday (for July and beyond)
I pledge to make a total stranger feel special and appreciated in whatever form or way, be it words of kindness, encouragement....
Kind to strangers
Trying to empathise with people who think differently. Much love and respect to Kathy and Ralph from another parent of a young suicide
I pledge to learn more patience towards people so I can be a better listener.
I pledge to make an effort with every single person I come in contact with on a daily basis. Whether it be as simple as a smile
I pledge to role model and encourage kindness every day.
I pledge to treat others as I like to be treated myself, I will take it upon myself to make sure if I see someone struggling to help them
I will help, assist show genuine care, go out of my way (even when others say that's not your job) and be compassionate & respectful
I pledge to continue to support anyone in need by showing kindness whenever I can. You never know what's going on in someones life
I pledge to smile and acknowledge those I meet or just see in the street. To be the best I can be.
I pledge to think before I speak and choose the kind road instead of judging or saying harsh things. Empathy and kindness above all.
I pledge to continue to be nice to all and strive to be even kinder treating people with respect and appreciation.
I will smile, I will help, I will hug, I will acknowledge, I will love
I pledge kindness to everyone I deal with in my job, some have had difficult lives and a smile, a word of kindness may brighten their day
I pledge to make an effort to make kindness my default setting, not only in the way I treat those close to me, but also strangers
Do more little things. Smile at more strangers, leave little positive notes in random places and ask if people are ok
I pledge to spread kindness, to make smiling contageous, for a smile can change someone's day! To listen, hear, praise and encourage!
I will smile at strangers, reach out to people who look 'lost', and be aware and mindful of those around me, and what they might be feeling
To commit a random act of kindness every day. I pledge to continue this and to support your initiative by talking about your foundation
I pledge to be kind, speak up & compliment when I see people helping & smile at strangers . That smile or compliment could change their day
I pledge to take a moment of my day to smile, greet and compliment at least three people everyday as you never know whattheyre going through
Always show acts of kindness and help/offer people who need some guidance as to why their anger or any other big emotions are troubling them
Focus on the good in people and, listen and support through kindness. Smile more at people, its often infectious.
To be more kind to everyone I know, and the strangers I come across along the way not only in July but everyday for the rest of my life
I will smile at strangers, try not to judge people at face value or at the decisions that they make. Progress not perfection xoxo
I will smile and say hello, and lead a helping hand. I will continue to teach and show my children the impact of a simple act of kindness
To be more kind to the people in my life not only in July but for life.
To make my first thought to be kind
To make sure I can help at least one person everyday with a smile, a phone call, a message, a Thankyou even when I am feeling down myself.
To encourage more of my son's friends to spend more time around our home so they know they have another safe place to go
To keep smiling at people and telling people how nice they look , I often sit down with elderly people and just start talking to them
To look for the best in people, give the benefit of the doubt, and engage from a place of understanding, optimism, and respect.
Say something complimentary every day to someone who might need it, or just to boost happiness and generate good energy amongst friends
I pledge to be more kind to others, say hello, be around for others more, worry about the little things less and not be selfish.
I will Pause to think and consider other peoples feelings before responding or taking action.
I pledge to be more aware of the people around me & if they dont seem ok, I will start a conversation with them.
Make a worthwhile donation and smile at strangers
I will do an act of kindness every day, even if it is only as simple as smiling and greeting others, to helping anyone in need.
Smile and say hello to everyone I meet . I'd like to help the homeless people.
I pledge to show one act of kindness every day, no matter how small, because one small act could be all it takes to change someones day.
I pledge to look up and notice more people. I pledge to start conversations and to be more, empathetic, show more compassion
To smile at more people and ask how they are and to listen to their response
To ask someone "How are you" and mean it. Take time to listen.
I pledge to be more aware of people around me, I pledge to smile more, worry about the little things less and help 1 stranger every day.
I pledge to make kindness my initial go-to reaction. To tell myself that others are doing their best, as I am.
listen to hear them, look at see them, hug feel them, smiles are free..... be the change
#kindjuly to smile and say hello, give someone a hug, give someone a coffee, ask if someone is ok, make someone a home cooked meal.
Spread kindness, empathy, gratitude and acceptance with my students each and everyday
I pledge to be more supportive and caring to people around me.
Smile and say hello to everyone l have eye contact with each day. Buy someone I dont know a coffee and provide an ear to listen.
Be more aware of people I pass on the street, make eye contact, smile and say hello. If someone look like they need assistance I will help
To listen. And Smile at a stranger. #bekind
Smile at people & give them a positive compliment to let them know we care about them
Ask friends, family, work mates or just anyone, How are you? and take the time to listen and give hugs when needed
I pledge to show my children acceptance and tolerance and that kindness is free to everyone.
Help others daily
I pledge to stay kind and model this to my children so they understand how something so easy can make such a difference to someones life.
Everyday do an act of kindness to someone.. Smile at a stranger.. offer my help.. buy someone a coffee..
Buy someone a coffee and spark conversation with strangers.
Help those in need and be present
Reach out and check with somebody different every day that they are ok
To make sure that everyone I meet feels valued and/or noticed
Smile at everyone I meet and offer help to anyone I see who needs it.
Speak to a stranger everyday
Is to always look for the good, the positive in everyone I meet.
To smile each day and to give a little complement to people around me. Find a positive in every situation.
I will make sure every single day that I will tell someone how valued they are! God Bless you Kathy and Ralph you are incredibly courageous
Compliment others more often
will speak to more people who i think needs a freind in need as i have been through a lot and also need someone to chat to me
Smile and say hi! Be positive! Give hugs!
I pledge to have more time and more patience with others.
Buy a coffee for a stranger. Donate blood
Speak of kindness to my boys, make more random acts of kindness to others and be kind to myself
I pledge to be kind and patient with those in my life I struggle to be around or like because of the differences we share.
I want to do a different act of kindness each day in July and include my kids in as many as possible.
To be kind to not just the people that are close to me also to those i find hard to deal with
The act of kindness in July I will do is volunteer for an organisation
Smile and say Hello
Hug as often as I can.
I want to do something kind in the community
I want to create a kind environment at work.