I pledge to seek opportunities for kindness within my home, workplace, team and community.
I pledge to see the positive intent behind peoples actions.
I pledge to do what I can to make others smile, to treat them with respect and kindness and start a ripple.
As a high-school teacher and leader, I pledge to create an environment where kindness and acceptance are the norms for each young person.
I pledge to spread kindness to my family, friends, colleagues and patients
I pledge to be kind and actively look for ways to improve the lives around me through small and big gestures.
I want to be kind to our customers in our shop
I want to create an open and accepting workplace free from negativity.
I pledge to spread kindness to my family, friends, colleagues and the patients I work with.
I will be kinder to everyone I get in contact with throughout July
I pledge to listen deeply to all people in my life, particularly those who need help. Then, most importantly, I pledge to act by helping.
I will pledge to spread kindness to as many volunteers at our local unit of Marine Rescue Shoalhaven bu holding a thankyou bbq
I want to do kindness acts daily in July, at home, work and in the community.
I want to do kindness acts daily in July, at home, work and in the community.
I want to create a space of inspiration, acceptance and safety for individuals to express their art and selves and especially while healing.
I want to be a kindness ambassador. I will teach & role model kindness, gratitude & empathy to my children. I will display kindness & love
I will be kind to the ‘little’ and unseen people - they need it the most
I want to create a safe and loving, and supportive environment in my sphere of influence
I will make all newcomers to Tasmania feel welcome and included.
I pledge to spread kindness, even on the hard days, or when people are unkind to me. I will practice gratitude each day <3
I pledge to put others situations before my own with the intent to make them happy
To show our young people that even the smallest kind gesture from them, could be the turning point that saves someone else’s life.
I pledge to intentionally teach and demonstrate how kindness can look to my students.
I pledge to always treat myself and everyone with kindness, compassion, empathy and dignity.
I am creating a safer Sydney.
I want to help make people at my school feel welcome and accepted. And help people feel confutable to be who they are!
Smiling & sharing kindness with others is simple & the positive impact can never be underestimated. I will always do & show both daily.
I pledge to always treat others and myself with dignity, respect and kindness
I speak to people with respect and self evaluate daily to be a better version of myself.
I pledge to always do my best to give everyone the same kindness,respect and self value that I would myself prefer to get
I pledge to create an environment where everyone matters and feels supported
I pledge to try not to judge people, to try to not jump to conclusions too fast, to practise active listening.
I will always be kind and polite with people who are working hard out trying to earn their living,
🎵’What the world needs now - is KIND sweet KIND. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of’ 🎵. My religion is kindness.
I want to help every member of my organization feel welcome and valued.
I pledge to be kind to my family even though we are not together in the same State
I work in Community Development in a new estate and I pledge to be an ambassador and spread kindness to my community.
I want to be the change I want to see in the world and pledge to practice kindness daily.
Ok, count me in. I will endeavour to do an act of kindness every day.
I want to grow food and flowers and share the produce with family, friends and neighbours/ community.
I try every day to smile at and say hello to the people I meet on my walks. I will continue to do this and more. I like to tell people how
I want to bring support to those in my community who are more vulnerable and have less access to what they believe will support them well.