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Media Statement

Sunday, September 8 2019

In response to reports in the media today of statements made by The Premier of NSW, Stay Kind (previously the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation) today make the following statement:

Since December 2014, Stay Kind, through our Take Kare Safe Space program, has played an integral role in the ecosystem of Sydney’s nightlife with over 70,000 people assisted to get home safely. Like the Premier we want Sydney to be a vibrant and open city and like all Sydneysiders we want Sydney to be a safe city. Our Take Kare Safe Spaces” provide a pathway for both.

Earlier this year, Stay Kind advised the NSW Government that we have been unable to secure sufficient industry and community partnerships or grants that would continue to support the ongoing operations of all Safe Spaces. As a result, Kings Cross and Darling Harbour Safe Space sites were closed in July 2019, pending further funding bids.

Should the lock-out laws be lifted, the Take Kare program, more than ever plays a crucial role in the amenity of Sydney and in ensuring that Sydney’s night life is safe for everyone to enjoy. We await the recommendations and final report from the Joint Select Committee on Sydney’s Night-Time Economy and hope that these include funding recommendations. For Take Kare Safe Spaces to continue to play a critical role in the solution of keeping Sydney safe at night, longer term funding solutions are essential.

The Take Kare Safe Spaces are currently being evaluated by the University of NSW with a final report on the cost-benefit to the community expected in October 2019. The interim report has suggested that there is a $4 community benefit for every $1 spent on the Take Kare Safe Space program.

Through the Take Kare Safe Space program we have worked together with various stakeholders of the night-time economy to reduce violence on the streets, sexual assault, self-harm, theft as well as providing wayfinding services and welcoming amenity to Sydney. Over the next few months we look forward to continuing to work with all our partners in Government, business and the community to ensure that we can collectively deliver a vibrant and safer Sydney. .

Media Enquiries:

Natalie Zelinsky Chief Operating Officer

PO Box 213, PYRMONT, NSW, 2009



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