I want to pledge and also test it at the same time.
The world needs more kindness
Lucy Bourne
My partner went to school and was good friends with Stuart, as a teacher I want to create a community of kindness and strategies to protect our students to help prevent more heartbreak and give students the skills to protect themselves and others.
My mates sister has this in her bio
Bec G
To focus more on the great things that happen each day rather than drawing attention to the things that didn’t go to plan or the negatives. Also I’d like to be able to give at least one person a compliment each day.
Caitlin Epps
As above, so below- as within so without. We are a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. I pledge to reflect kindness all around for the good of me and the people I am around
I want young people to help each other and use kindness as a force for change. Simple acts of kindness can help to change the world we live in
Gill merzvinskis
I sense a great lack of kindness in our world and would love to be part of a movement which promotes this essential value.
It isn’t hard to be kind - but it can save a life