Cathi Rigby
Wollongong, NSW, AU
I pledge to smile at someone I don't know each day.
Jody Cook
Greater Geelong, VIC, AU
I will cook a batch of soup a week for my team mates to eat for lunch. Anything that is not eaten I will donate to a local food charity to freeze.
Paul Dart
Newcastle, NSW, AU
promote this initiative in my school
Leah Havord
Penrith, NSW, AU
I pledge to do at least one random act of kindness every day in July - in the hope that it becomes so natural, that I do it every day from now on!
Natalie W
Every day in July I will make someone's day better with a smile, a compliment, helping them and making them feel valued.
Melissa Bell
I pledge to act respectfully and keep an open mind to be empathetic and compassionate towards those I encounter and pay it forward as an act of kindness, and continue building on self awareness towards others
Sabrina White
Waverley, NSW, AU
The act of kindness that I will commit to throughout July is to be more mindful of my assumptions of others, to compliment and affirm those around me more
Kate Smyth
I pledge to be more aware of self, and my interactions with the word this July. I will endeavour to do acts of kindness on others any chance I can.
Amy Lee Snell
City of Ipswich, QLD, AU
I pledge to be aware of my surroundings and take opportunities to make someones day better.
Melissa Anderson
City of Ipswich, QLD, AU
I pledge to be more conscious of my actions during July & demonstrate kindness on a daily basis
Jo Smith
I consciously pledge to perform an act of kindness every day in July
Jenny Skoble
San Mateo County, CA, US
I pledge to remind myself when interacting with others, that kindness, like navy blue blazers, never goes out of style and is appropriate for very occasion