It isn’t hard to be kind - but it can save a life
Gavin brown
I am signing because this foundation is one of the most inspirational thing I’ve ever seen
Katherine Marshall
I would like to help and heard about you on the ABC radio
Christala Tapinou
Kieran Daniel Berridge
I believe in always trying to do the right thing, but never failing to be kind, especially towards those who deserve it. If everyone one were to have the courage, the hope and the wisdom to be kind, the world would be a far more peaceful and lighter place. After all I love love, and I also love kindness.
Dianne Hamer
Kindness is what really matters
John Baines
I want to help, there is not enough kindness in this world
Lauren Thomas
I can’t stand to see everyone treat each other how they are in Australia currently. Treatment of vulnerable groups by the media, to political aggressiveness on social media, to face to face individual treatment of each other, racism, homophobia.. the list goes on. So many things could be improved, so many happier people if we were thoughtful, considerate, caring and empathetic. If we focussed on just being kind. It’s sad to watch the impact of COVID bringing out the worst in humanity. Love thy neighbour is a thing of the past, was never the Australian way. Heartbreaking, really.
Joni Robb
I am signing because I agree with you ~ kindness can save our world. I would like to learn how to be more kind and how to teach others also.
Dale Alvarez
Kindness is the only thing that can save us in this world. Kindness to ourselves and kindness or our friends, family and strangers. A act of kindness is contagious and inspires others to do better and to be better. Spread the kindness.
Jennifer Chastre
I am signing on behalf of all the caregivers that care for those with dementia... be kind to everyone always!