Jordyn Perry
I believe spreading kindness and love is the key to a brighter future.
I want everyone to love each other; in a friendly manner.
Sam Canning
I believe that kindness should be ever present in our daily lives.
Jude Hendriks
I love being kind to others and I would love to see a world abundant with kindness. Why not be kind?
Sarah Gregson
Watching your Andrew Denton interview when Ralph said the thing about smiling at someone - I have the same beliefs. At my lowest times, a smile from a stranger has made truly comforted me. Added to the fact that I have often thought that if everyone was kind the world would be more beautiful than it already is because of the flow-on effect
I feel that kindness is such an important part of our lives, and we should all try to stay kind to each other.
Sarah Hytner
I am signing because we need more kindness and love in this world, more than ever before. Kindness overcomes fear. Gratitude and love are more powerful than hate.
We often forget to be kind to ourselves and others
Adrian Clynes
A healthy community is a kind community. A healthy workplace is a kind workplace. A healthy family is a kind family. A healthy individual is a kind individual. If I can be a kinder person in my daily life, apart from helping myself, I will in a small way help my family, my friends, my workplace, and my community.
Peta Clark
Kindness is essential and the foundation for a cohesive society
Nathan Manns
I believe Kindness Is very important and there’s not enough of it out there.