Santiago Hernandez Lasso
Be kinder towards my family and more understanding and supportive to my friends
Ingrid Larkin
Be present with friends, family, and colleagues, speak and act with kindness in all interactions.
Suzanne Roll
I pledge to at least one conscious act of kindness per day, at least one smile to someone l don't know, and encourage at least one person everyday between now and July to pledge their kindness in July.
Natalie Harasymenko
I will make a conscious decision to give my full attention to my friends & loved ones, not be in a hurry, give them lots of hugs & let them know of all the ways they make my life better.
Lauren Schell
I pledge to do actively do something kind every day and get as many people involved and supporting this organisation as I can
I will show kindness at least once a day to people I know and I don't.
Leona Gerhart
Is 1 act of kindness a day by buying someone a coffee to volunteering my time for 30 days
Katrina O’Malley
Being kind takes so much less effort than being nasty or angry. I pledge to take at least one moment each day to be kind to myself and kind to those around me including random strangers.
Annette O'Grady
Mount Marshall, WA, AU
To be there for family and friends, they are the most important part of your life.
Scott Goodfellow
Kindness has to and will make a difference. I want to make a difference.
Amaia Pieters
A simple act of kindness can change someone’s day. I will always partake in simple acts of kindness, whether it be a simple smile, a chat, a helping hand or a hug.
Nicole Stanton
To be present and share a friendly smile to everyone 🙂