Take Kare Volunteer Induction

The ‘Take Kare Safe Spaces’ and our roving Ambassadors are a Stay Kind initiative as part of our Stay Kind on the Streets philosophy.

Operating every Friday and Saturday night, from 10.00pm till 4.00am at Sydney Town Hall (St Andrews Square) and Darling Harbour (Pyrmont Bridge)

As a Take Kare Ambassador you have the opportunity to make an invaluable contribution in keeping young people safe and improving Sydney’s nightlife  and amenity so that we can all have a good night.  With over 72,000 interventions (Period: December 2014 to March 2020) and over 50,000 hours of volunteering. These ‘sliding door moments’ demonstrate kindness from our volunteers in one of it’s purest forms and can be the difference between a young persons’ life continuing on as normal, or disintegrating into something terrible.

Please follow our Stay Kind facebook page to register for induction for the upcoming events that are listed.

You can usually register 7-10 days before the event.
We look forward to having you joining our amazing Take Kare Team in 2021!

Volunteer Induction Upcoming Dates 2021

Wednesday May 19th  6pm-8.30pm
Wednesday June 16th  6pm-8.30pm
Wednesday July 21st 6pm-8.30pm
Wednesday August 18th 6pm-8.30pm
Wednesday September 15th 6pm-8.30pm
Wednesday October 20th 6pm-8.30pm
Wednesday November 17th 6pm-8.30pm