About us

Stay Kind is an Australian not for profit driving a social movement that promotes harm reduction through kindness.

Our vision it to make Australia kinder so that we can reduce bullying, hazing, violence, self-harm and suicide among young Australians and the wider community.

We do this by promoting kindness as a value that should be embraced nationally as it is the true currency of humanity. Our national movement of kindness is inspired by our Kind July community awareness campaign, the month Thomas Kelly lost his life to violence and Stuart Kelly lost his life to suicide after being targeted by bullies.

Each year, schools, workplaces, and communities join us in encouraging simple acts of kindness during July which has long lasting benefits. We also collaborate with schools, universities, and workplaces to identify and implement solutions promoting and embedding kindness all year.

Stay Kind also continues to pursue evidence-based solutions that support innovative kindness strategies and actions that can change and save lives.

Our flagship Take Kare Safe Space program continues to operate in the Sydney CBD every Friday and Saturday. Teams of Ambassadors (largely volunteers) work through the night to get young people home safely.

We are proud to be the first patronage of the most recently appointed Governor General of Australia. Our foundation is led by an exceptionally qualified volunteer board and group of advisors. We have corporate and community partners as well as volunteers, without whom our work would not be possible.

Our values

Our Stay Kind values are to be:





Never give up

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What we do

Stay Kind actively advocates, educates and promotes acts of kindness.