Our people

Meet our Stay Kind team, patrons & ambassadors as well as the Take Kare team, who are dedicated to our vision.

Patrons & ambassadors

General David Hurley

General David Hurley, AC, DSC, FTSE


His Excellency General the Honourable David John Hurley AC DSC (Retd) was sworn in as the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia on 1 July 2019.

Prior to being sworn in as Governor-General, David Hurley served as the 38th Governor of New South Wales from October 2014 to May 2019.

Allan Sparkes

Allan Sparkes, CV, OAM, VA

Founding patron

Allan is a renowned international keynote speaker, trainer and former Deputy Commissioner of the Mental Health Commission of NSW.

Having experienced and recovered from a trauma related mental illnesses, Allan is a passionate advocate for proactive approaches and greater education relating to the physiological risks being faced in today’s society.

Greg Page

Greg Page


Greg Page is best known as the original Yellow Wiggle. Together with the original members, Greg has performed more than 6,000 concerts across the world to over 3 million fans.

Stay Kind has appointed Greg as a Stay Kind ambassador through his continuous work with young children, the Australian community as well as his kindness and community spirit. Along with his new initiative called “Heart of the Nation”, Greg continues to share the importance of kindness and inspiring acts of kindness through education and community messaging.

Stay Kind team

Ralph Kelly

Ralph Kelly

Director & CEO

Ralph Kelly is the father of Stuart and Thomas. With the support of a friend, Ralph and Kelly started the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation. As the CEO of Stay Kind, Ralph has pro-actively campaigned for behavioural change in the community in relation to violence, bullying, hazing and suicide. He has also advocated for social support for victims of violence as well as violence protection.

Under Ralph’s direction, numerous initiatives have been established including a Financial Hardship Victim Support program through the Department of Justice, Take Kare Safe Spaces in the Sydney CBD and the development of the Take Kare app in partnership with UTS. The Take Kare Safe Space program has recorded over 67 000 instances for assistance since December 2014. Ralph oversees the Take Kare program and Stay Kind’s daily operations.

Natalie Zelinsky

Natalie Zelinsky

Company Secretary & COO

Natalie Zelinsky is both the Chief Operating Officer and Company Secretary for Stay Kind. She is responsible for the daily operation of the Foundation and also oversees Stay Kind compliance with its statutory and regulatory obligations. Natalie plays an integral role in the development and execution of strategic activities and also provides executive support to the volunteer CEO, supporting Stay Kind in its key relationships, the provision of programs and services, and management of specific projects that contribute to the strategic growth and impact of the Foundation. As Company Secretary Natalie also provides a range of support to the Stay Kind board.

Take Kare Team

Kristen Flex

Take Kare Program Coordinator

Kristen is the Take Kare Program Coordinator for Stay Kind. She is responsible for the planning and coordination of the Safe Spaces Program including our nightly operations.  Kristen also administers various aspects of the program including the coordination of training and volunteer recruitment. 

Kristen joined Take Kare at 18 years old as a volunteer, growing into her current role. With a collaborative and democratic approach to leadership we are thrilled to have Kristen  leading, inspiring and mentoring our team.

Take Kare Team

Take Kare Ambassadors

The Take Kare Ambassadors are a large team of dedicated Team Leaders and Volunteers who give up Friday and Saturday nights 10pm-4am to help young people get home safely.

Our Take Kare team members come from all backgrounds and all walks of life. If you would like to join the Take Kare family, click here to volunteer.

Community Kindness Champions

Michelle Boundy

Michelle Boundy

Michelle is passionate about her local community becoming a “Stay Kind” community and city. Michelle believes that by showing kindness to others we create a culture that’s inclusive, supportive and encouraging.

She has over 30 years experience working in human services including state and commonwealth government agencies. Michelle also has extensive experience in child protection, disability, drug & alcohol, mental health and work health & safety.

Michelle is also passionate about workplace wellbeing and has developed and implemented two successful projects for the state and commonwealth government. The projects promoted health and wellbeing activities for employees and has gone to win numerous awards and a finalist for the WorkCover WHS State Awards.

In 2020, Michelle developed the Stay Kind 50 Walks Project and the Stay Kind 50 Acts of Kindness Project. Both projects promote the importance of kindness and the difference this can have on individuals and within a community. Both projects were highly received and have a strong national and international following.

Junior Community Kindness Champions

Samantha and Brian

Samantha and Brian

Samantha (12) and Brian (10) are from Toowoomba.

Samantha was gifted the book “Be the Change in Your Community” which started of her kindness journey. Samantha is hopeful of other kids to become aware of her kindness projects and inspire other kids to be the change in their community.

Brian wants to show kindness because of the kindness he feels from his family. He is saddened seeing people less fortunate especially homeless people. Brian wants to give back and show kindness to others and see a change.

Some of Samantha and Brian’s Stay Kind actions in 2021 were:

  • Giving flowers out to the nurses at the Toowoomba Base Hospital
  • Making Easter egg baskets for their neighbours and children on their street
  • Donating the money from their recycled bottles to a international organisation called SA Cares for Life

Samantha and Brian’s Stay Kind plans for 2021-2022 are:

  • Attach $1 coins on parking meter boxes for people to use with a card
  • Help grocery shoppers push their trolleys to their cars and return it to the trolley back after
  • Continue their recycling bottle project

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Anyone at any age can be a Kindness Champion, all you need is a desire to spread kindness.

Become a Take Kare Safe Space Ambassador. Help young people and also visitors to Sydney find a safe passage home.