Take Kare Safe Spaces

We operate every Friday and Saturday night, from 10.00pm to 4.00am at Sydney Town Hall (St Andrews Square) and reopening soon at Darling Harbour.

The Take Kare Safe Space program is a Stay Kind on our Streets initiative. Our Take Kare Ambassadors are an integral part of Sydney’s night-time economy. We work collaboratively with various agencies, venues and local community to fulfill a role that is imperative to keeping young people safe.

The program provides a range of support from basic to critical in its’ assistance to young people who are out and about in the city as well as anyone who may be in need of some help. Whether it’s providing essential first aid or helping someone get to public transport, reconnecting them with their friends, handing out bottles of water the Take Kare Ambassadors will be helping young people get home safely.

The program effectively mitigates risks of sexual and physical assault, theft and injury including road injury and improves Sydney’s nightlife and amenity so that we can all have a good night.

Our Team Leaders lead teams of 2-3 volunteers who rove the Sydney CBD and Darling Harbour areas looking for vulnerable persons as well as responding to requests from members of the public, venues, rangers, police and CCTV.

Our Take Kare Safe Spaces provide a safe place for young people to receive first aid, rehydrate, charge their phones, identify a safe passage home or wait for friends and family.

These ‘sliding door moments’ demonstrate kindness from our volunteers in one of it’s purest forms and can be the difference between a young persons’ life continuing on as normal, or disintegrating into something terrible.

Our Take Kare Safe Space program has been evaluated and the findings can be found in the Impact and Return on Investment of the Take Kare Safe Space Program—A Harm Reduction Strategy Implemented in Sydney, Australia paper.

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