Pledge kindness

One pledge of one act of kindness by each of us would be 25 million acts of kindness in Australia.

    Our Kindness Wall

    I pledge to be kind, patient and considerate of others. I pledge to role model kindness within my home, my workplace and my commmunity.
    'My commitment is to make sure I take 5 minutes out of each day to talk to my kids about how they were kind today as well as role modelling
    be kind to those who may not be kind to me. And smile to strangers.
    I will go out of my way to be kind and compassionate every day, not only to my loved ones but anyone I come in contact with
    I will commit to trying to do an act of kindness everyday (for July and beyond)
    I pledge to make a total stranger feel special and appreciated in whatever form or way, be it words of kindness, encouragement....
    Kind to strangers
    Trying to empathise with people who think differently. Much love and respect to Kathy and Ralph from another parent of a young suicide
    I pledge to learn more patience towards people so I can be a better listener.
    I pledge to make an effort with every single person I come in contact with on a daily basis. Whether it be as simple as a smile
    I pledge to role model and encourage kindness every day.
    I pledge to treat others as I like to be treated myself, I will take it upon myself to make sure if I see someone struggling to help them
    I will help, assist show genuine care, go out of my way (even when others say that's not your job) and be compassionate & respectful
    I pledge to continue to support anyone in need by showing kindness whenever I can. You never know what's going on in someones life
    I pledge to smile and acknowledge those I meet or just see in the street. To be the best I can be.
    I pledge to think before I speak and choose the kind road instead of judging or saying harsh things. Empathy and kindness above all.
    I pledge to continue to be nice to all and strive to be even kinder treating people with respect and appreciation.
    I will smile, I will help, I will hug, I will acknowledge, I will love
    I pledge kindness to everyone I deal with in my job, some have had difficult lives and a smile, a word of kindness may brighten their day
    I pledge to make an effort to make kindness my default setting, not only in the way I treat those close to me, but also strangers
    Do more little things. Smile at more strangers, leave little positive notes in random places and ask if people are ok
    I pledge to spread kindness, to make smiling contageous, for a smile can change someone's day! To listen, hear, praise and encourage!
    I will smile at strangers, reach out to people who look 'lost', and be aware and mindful of those around me, and what they might be feeling
    To commit a random act of kindness every day. I pledge to continue this and to support your initiative by talking about your foundation
    I pledge to be kind, speak up & compliment when I see people helping & smile at strangers . That smile or compliment could change their day
    I pledge to take a moment of my day to smile, greet and compliment at least three people everyday as you never know whattheyre going through
    Always show acts of kindness and help/offer people who need some guidance as to why their anger or any other big emotions are troubling them
    Focus on the good in people and, listen and support through kindness. Smile more at people, its often infectious.
    To be more kind to everyone I know, and the strangers I come across along the way not only in July but everyday for the rest of my life
    I will smile at strangers, try not to judge people at face value or at the decisions that they make. Progress not perfection xoxo
    I will smile and say hello, and lead a helping hand. I will continue to teach and show my children the impact of a simple act of kindness
    To be more kind to the people in my life not only in July but for life.
    To make my first thought to be kind
    To make sure I can help at least one person everyday with a smile, a phone call, a message, a Thankyou even when I am feeling down myself.
    To encourage more of my son's friends to spend more time around our home so they know they have another safe place to go
    To keep smiling at people and telling people how nice they look , I often sit down with elderly people and just start talking to them
    To look for the best in people, give the benefit of the doubt, and engage from a place of understanding, optimism, and respect.
    Say something complimentary every day to someone who might need it, or just to boost happiness and generate good energy amongst friends
    I pledge to be more kind to others, say hello, be around for others more, worry about the little things less and not be selfish.
    I will Pause to think and consider other peoples feelings before responding or taking action.
    I pledge to be more aware of the people around me & if they dont seem ok, I will start a conversation with them.
    Make a worthwhile donation and smile at strangers